Episode # 17 – Training Balls……

I awoke to feeling the folds of my pussy opening.  My eyes open but I could not see anything,  there was something on my eyes. I had not felt anything from the time I feel asleep until now. I tried to move but found that my hands were tied together and tied above my head. My legs were tied to each side of the bed. I felt clamps being added to my clit lips. I cried out as the pain was overwhelming. I then felt a finger begin to rub my clit making me forget the pain. Then a finger sliding inside the opening of my now wet pussy. I felt the balls inside me being moved around. The fingers were withdrawn.

There was a shift to the bed and I felt the head of a cock being pushed inside my pussy to join the balls. Each stroke moved the balls causing them to vibrate inside. The faster the stroke the more they moved. I was not sure who was inside me, but the vibrations was causing me to get wet and need release. I felt my nipples getting harder and myself squeeze against the invading cock.

“May I please cum?” I was not sure if it was Master or Sir Joshua.

There was no answer.

Again I asked, “May I please cum?”

To answer my question the cock was removed from inside of me, but they did not leave the bed. There was a pull on my clit and a painful clamp added to each side grabbing my lips tight. I felt them being spread apart. I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. That is when I felt something being placed on my clit and the sound of something be squeezed. That is when I felt the suction on my clit, sucking it hard.  My pussy began to tighten and I could feel the ball inside start to move down. I pulled them back inside but that cause the suction of my clit to intensify.

There was a finger inserted into my pussy and pushed upward on the part of my clit that had been sucked into the device. I could feel it pulling it harder inside. They wiggled their fingers around moving the balls and I could feel myself getting wetter by the minute. And I felt the contraction about the start.

“May I pleassssse cum?” I was begging. I needed the release. I wasn’t sure that I could hold it in any longer. Then the fingers were removed and it was replaced with a very hard large cock.

When the cock was inside me fully, “Yes, slave, you may cum on my cock.” Master started to move with furious strokes, ramming his cock deep inside me. Harder each time, pounding my pussy and pulling on my clit. I felt my pussy squeeze hard on the cock as they continued to drive hard into me. I came several times as the pounding continued. I felt the cock get harder and begin to jerk, they never slowed the pace. One hard, deep thrust and they came inside me.

I felt them withdraw from me and the bed ease up as their weight was removed. I felt my hand being untied and my feet at the same time. I knew that they were both here now.

After my feet were released, my hands were tied together and they were pulled forward. “On your knees, slave.” I heard Sir Joshua’s voice from near my feet. “Raise your hands above your head.”

I felt the rope being tied above my head and pulling my arms tight above my head.

“Spread your legs open, slave” Master voice was near my ear as he pulled on my nipples.

I felt him behind me, his semi hard cock pressing against my ass. He reached down, sometime during the hard fuck I had just receive the suction device had come loose from my clit, he began to rub the nub that I knew was swollen. “Very nice,” he said pulling on it, “it was have suction added for the next few days.”

Master release me and grabbed my hips pulling them back so that my ass was sticking out slightly. I felt Master fingers at the opening of my pussy, “Squeeze hard and get the balls out,” he said using two finger to open me up, “they need to be cleaned.” I used the same squeezed hard and felt the balls sliding down them out.

I felt my nipples being pulled again and then clamps added. I felt the bed sag as someone climbed on. I felt a cock slap my face and I opened my mouth and licked the shaft up and down. Then it was placed into my mouth. I knew that it was Sir Joshua’s cock that was sliding slowly in and out of my mouth.

I felt a finger on the rim of my still sore ass. Master started to insert his finger inside my ass. Then he added another, my ass was so sore, but he continued to spread it open. He used fingers from each hand and pulled it open. Then I felt two slide inside. He was slow with the strokes. Sir Joshua was not slow now. His cock was going deep and faster into my mouth. When he was complete hard he withdrew from my mouth and took position behind me. I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my ass, then he slide deep inside. I cry of pain escaped my mouth. “Slave, you will learn that pain is a pleasure,” he pulled the clamps attached to my nipples. “You will be happy for the pain we cause you.” I shook my head and answered, “Yes, Master. ” in a whimper, “as you wish.”

The cock was slowly going in and out of my ass, the more it moved the more pain it caused. Somewhere in all the pain it began to turn to pleasure. The hard cock sliding in and out of my swollen ass. The stroke began to get faster and harder. The cock began to pound against my ass. Master was rubbing my clit and pulling my nipples. I felt myself getting close to cumming. The cock continued to ram inside my ass. Sir Joshua’s hands on my hips squeezing hard and he pulls them back to meet his cock.

“May I cum, Master?”

“May I cum?”

Sir Joshua’s cock was pounding harder, ramming deep inside.

“Yes, slave,” Master said as he pulled down hard on my swollen clit, “you may cum.”

In that moment I screamed out in pleasure and that hard cock drove deep inside me over and over, pounding and ramming hard. I felt Sir Joshua cock jerk as he was finding his release deep in my ass. He drove in one more time deep and rested against my back. I felt the sweat from his chest against me.

It was just a moment then my hands were releases from the ropes. The blindfold was removed and I was instructed to shower and get in bed. It was late and I had an early morning.

It never occurred to me that it was the weekend…….


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