Episode # 14 – New Day…… New Lesson

It felt as if I had just gotten to sleep. I rolled my legs off the side of the bed. I didn’t even take my robe with me to the bathroom this time. Since Master had told me the rules were a bit different in this room than they were on the outside.  I still was not clear what he wanted but thought I might ask when I got a chance. I could of course ask Sir Joshua but I was not sure that he would actually talk to me and if he did would he still be angry.

My thoughts were distracted while I showered. I was not sure what to expect today. Would I have a normal day with Sir Joshua or would it be a day of silence? I know we didn’t exactly know each other but I don’t think I could tolerate the silence or the angry looks.

As I was drying off the towel rubbed against my nipples that were hard and still red. My nipples had always been long but they looked to be at least a 1/4 of a inch longer. It had to be the clamps and those bulbs. I think under the right circumstances those would be very pleasing to have on. But when my nipples were so red and swollen they caused pain. I am glad and regret bras at the moment. They hurt my nipples but at least concealed them from view.

I walk out of the bathroom and straight to the closet where hanging on the door was another outfit, that I had never seen. The skirt was a bit longer than I would have bought but still short enough to be very sexy. It was black linen and in the style that was tight to the hem where there were ruffles. I trusted Master decision, he had already made one outfit look stunning. The shirt was a short sleeve white silk. It was the softest silk I had ever felt. I ran my hands over the material then over the bra and panty set that was laid out as well. Beautiful white lace bra with a demi cup that would barely contain these nipples and lace white thong. I reach for the panties to slip them on then hear the distinct sound of Sir Joshua clearing his throat. I stopped moving a braced myself. When had he walked in? Damn, I am going to be in trouble again because I did not kneel.

I slowly turn with the panties dangling in my hand. He was seated in the chair by the door. How long had he been there? I remember myself and slowly lower myself to the floor, taking my gaze from his and lower that as well. I spread my knees and place my hands facing upward on my knees and let the panties fall from my fingers. I waited in this position. I could physically feel the minutes ticking by. No sound, not a word was uttered, just silence. Crap, I am in trouble again. It was the only thought in my head, The brief look I got of him I could see the anger in his eyes. It was still there. I didn’t know what I was going to do to fix this. I wasn’t even sure I would be allowed to do anything. Then I remembered what Master had said last night.

“You will be the same slave outside of these doors, but will act like a slave slut behind these doors.”

I slide my knees further part rotating my hips outward and leaning back slightly. This would get Sir Joshua a better view of my pussy. That should at least please him if not help take the edge off his anger. I felt the satisfaction on my face.

In a cold voice laced with anger, “You are not in the correct position, slave,” I heard him rise, “You are not a slut to me in the room.” I opened my eyes to see that he was standing over me. “You are still a slave when I enter the room and you are expected to act as such.”

I was confused, Master didn’t say it was exclusive to him. I assumed that it extended to Sir Joshua. “Slave, you are mistaken.” he took in a breathe. I could tell it was to calm himself. “you can use that to attract your Master, but you are not to use it to get yourself out of punishment or to avoid our anger.”

I felt myself go pale and he took a step back and my head fell forward. I again had made a grave mistake and his anger was back ten fold.

“I was coming to talk with you,” he said as he reached the door, “but since you still don’t understand your position it would be a waste of time.” And with that he left the room and closed the door. I dressed and the whole time thought this was going to be one of those days. I am lucky that I only had two classes today and they were back to back so the least amount of time spent with him would be best.

I could physically feel the mood in the car to school and on the way home. Few words were said and most of them were from me. After a while I just got tired of trying to talk and just sat in silence. How was I going to fix this?

When we arrived home Sir Joshua instructed me again to remove my clothing at the door. He disappeared inside the room and returned with the metal collar again. Since it is removed each morning before I leave the house.

I reach up and pull my hair up so that he can lock the collar to me in the back. He is standing very close and I can feel his breath on my neck, causing me to be excited with a mixture confusion. I know he is angry but I could not help feeling sexual excitement with his causal touch. I felt my already erect nipples getting harder and myself getting wet.

Sir Joshua attached the leash without a word. I assumed my position on the floor kneeling with my palms up. He began to wall toward the study, I followed in a crawl. “Do you have work you need to do?” he asked with still the bit of anger. “No Sir,” I answered. Sir Joshua changed directions a bit and lead me to the door that was to the play room and ordered me to walk.

Sir Joshua ordered me to a metal stand that had two chains attached to the top with cuffs at the end of each one. I knew from the looks that my hands would be above my head as the chains were short. There were chains on the ground with another set of cuffs attached to them and a steel bar.

“Raise your arms above your head,” as he dropped the end of the leash. I did as ordered. Sir Joshua attached a cuff to each wrist then ordered me to spread my feet apart. He attached those cuffs to my legs with the bar in between, not allowing me to put my feet together. He grabbed the leash, turning the collar so it was backwards and attached the chain of the leash to something behind me. Sir Joshua goes to the cabinet and returns with a ring gag and a blindfold. After attaches each of these I hear the retreating footsteps and the sound of metal moving. I hear him coming closer then nothing. He pulls on my still sore nipples then I feel the cold metal tube on the top part of my breast. Then I feel another on the bottom. I am not sure exactly what this is but I start to feel it tighten on my breast. It begins to squeeze them tight between the metal I moan just a bit. But he keeps tightening them and my moans of pleasure soon turn to cries of pain. I feel like they are completely squeezed flat  I take a deep breath which hurts more, then I feel the clamps being placed on my nipples. I cry out again in pain. This was more intense that just the clamps being added. The weights are added the clamps and begin to pulls down.

Sir Joshua wiggles my nipples causing them to shoot pain to the tips and excitement straight down to my pussy. I felt it getting wet. And I think he knew it would. He lightly rubs the folds between my legs opening them to get to my clit. My hips began to move in rhythm to his finger. Each move caused the weights to swing and pull harder on my nipples. I ignored the pain and focused on the pleasure. My breathing became pants as I was reaching the edge. His finger pulled back and left me frustrated again. Each hair on my body was tingling. I stand there chained, my body wanting its release.

I feel Sir Joshua’s breathe on my ear, “You will count.” I did not understand that he was referring too.  I was just about the mumble a question to him through the gag when I hear something slicing through the  air just a moment before it hit my bare ass. I scream in pain from behind the gag. That was not the cat o nine tails, this was much more painful. I take a breathe and just release it when another strike hits my ass again.

“You might want to count.” Sir Joshua said just  before another strike. I could hear a slight smile in his voice.

“One” I mumble

“You can’t get out of punishment by offering yourself.” Then another strike.


“You will do as you have been told.” I could hear the anger in his voice returning.


“You will receive more strikes the next time.” I was waiting for another painful hit on my ass but it did not come.

I heard his retreating steps again. I thought he was leaving the room but heard him in the cabinet again.

I felt his finger on my folds again and he rubs my clit again for just a moment then his finger disappeared again. I feel him pinch the folds again then attach a clamp, then pinch the other and attach another. I felt them being pulled apart exposing my clit to him. He again runs his finger up and down my clit flicking it with his finger. “Very nice.” I could almost hear excitement in his voice. Then I felt him pull on my clit and start to wrap something around it. I was getting very wet when he plunged a finger in my pussy then withdrew it and rubbed my clit. Each time he touched my clit I jerked causing the weights to swing and pull my nipples more.

I heard the retreating steps again and it was quiet again. I thought he had left the room when I heard the sound of a shoe hitting the floor. I faintly hear his bare feet hitting the concrete under them. I feel him slide his finger in and out of my from behind. He pulls the bar between my feet back with his foot so that my arms are pulled and I am slightly leaning forward. Then I feel his hand on my back pushing me more forward in a bend. He grabs my hips and pulls them back toward him. I feel his hard erection on my ass. He pulls back, I feel the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He enters just a little then pulls back, enters a little then pulls back. He continues doing this while holding my hips so that I can not move them back to take anymore of his cock. Then in one swift move his pulls my hips hard and plunges his cock deep inside me. He moves hard and fast causing the weights on my nipples to move faster. He slows his pace, then buries himself deep inside and holds himself there. He takes a hand a reaches between my legs flicking my clit. I jerk hard. He flicks it again and again I jerk. He then starts to pull down on my wrapped clit and then fucks my pussy hard and fast. The closer he got to cumming the harder he pulled. I feel his cock swell harder inside me and he continues to fuck my hard. Then I felt his release, deep inside my pussy. He releases my clit and pulls himself out of me.

He retreats again and I hear water running then I hear the familiar sound of the bag being brought toward me. He inserted the tube inside me and I felt the warm water fill me and splash on the floor. When the tube was taken out, I heard the sound of wet footsteps retreating and the water began to run again.

He returned again with the water bag. I felt him take the cuffs from my legs then detach the leash from the holder and uncuff my wrist.

“Follow me.” I felt the pull of my leash and followed. We walked slow as I was trying to find my balance with the blindfold on.

Sir Joshua stopped and ordered me to spread my feet, “Wider,” he said. I did as ordered. “Wider,” he said again. I did as ordered again.

“Bend forward,” I felt him pulling my leash downward, then felt something solid under my hand.  “Don’t move.” he ordered. I felt him release the leash then heard the device move under me.

“You will rest your stomach on the padded area.” he said unlatching my leash.

“Now extend your arms above your head.” I did as I was order and felt metal cuffs being attached to my wrist. My nipples were still being pulled by the weights.

“Let your weight rest on the cushion and lift your right leg.” he grasped my ankle, “Now bend your leg.” again I did as ordered. I felt the cuff going around my ankle.

“Now the other leg,” again I did as ordered. I felt the cuff being attached to my other ankle.

Then I heard the chains being pulled as my legs were pulled apart and raised into the air. My stomach was barely on the cushion.

I heard the movement of water in the bag again.

I felt his finger on my clit again rubbing slowly in circles, my pussy was getting wet again and again he removed his finger.

I feel him rub the opening of my ass then feel him add gel and rub more. He inserts his finger in just a little then rubs it again. “Nice tight ass,” he said as he inserted his finger a bit more. Then more rubbing and inserting a bit further each time.  When I felt most of his finger in my ass he moved it around then withdrew it.  He took one hand and spread my ass cheek then I felt the tip of the rounded tube at the opening of my ass. He slowly inserted the hard tube in my ass, going in then retreating a little and pushing in more until I felt it deeper than his finger was. He continued to push the softer tube into my ass. I heard the sound of something like a blood pressure cuff then felt my ass getting full.

“I can only squeeze it once in your tight little ass.” I heard the sound of excitement then. I felt a smile form on my face, but that was soon gone when I felt the water entering my ass. It was filling it up. It was stretching me from deep inside.  This was a new experience for me. My ass felt full and I heard him detach something. But the inflated device was still in my ass as was the water.

Sir Joshua’s finger began to rub my clit again and I jerked, I felt the water inside me move. It was a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure. He slide his finger down the opening of my pussy and inserted one finger moving it in and out then inserted another. He was pushing up against the wall toward my ass, I could feel the water moving. He continued to move his fingers in and out of my pussy. I felt myself start to climb and he withdrew his finger.

“Stay still,” then I heard him walk away.

I heard things moving but could not keep my focus on what the sound was. The water in my ass was starting to become painful. I did make out water running again then heard to sound of Sir Joshua coming closer and the sound of that water bag. I didn’t think I could handle more water in my ass.

I felt him attach something back to the device in my ass. Then heard something that sounded like a pail being sat on the floor. He released the valve of the device and I heard the sound of water hitting the pail. It was an instant relief from the pressure the water caused. The sound of the water stopped and Sir Joshua told me to relax. I felt the tube being removed from my ass slowly. When it was removed he wiped me with a towel.  He rubbed his finger over the opening of my ass, slipping his finger in. Then I felt the tip of the tube being inserted in my ass again and the water began to flow. But this time he let it flow back out. After all the water was out he again cleaned me with a towel.

“All clean now.”

I heard him remove the pail then heard it being poured down the sink.

He returned to me again and rubbed the opening of my ass, “Such a nice tight ass.” I heard the squirt of  gel then felt his finger on my ass again, inserting his finger and sliding it out. It was sliding more easy now.

“We have decided it is time to train your ass.” he said as he inserted his finger again.

“When we are done you can have your ass fucked at anytime.” his finger was now sliding in and out faster. I heard the sound of his cock being lubed as it slide in his hand.

He withdrew his finger and I felt his cock at the opening of my ass. He pushed just a little. I felt my ass start to open for him. He slide it in a bit further and stopped, then a bit more. My ass was stretching, there was a mixture of pain but more pleasure. He inserted his hard cock deeper in my ass and stopped again.  He reached around to rub my clit and I felt my hips moving back to take more of his hard cock in my ass. He rubbed faster and I shoved my hips back harder and felt him slip all the way inside of me. I cried out in pain. “Just hold still,” he said releasing my clit from his fingers, “it will pass.”

Sir Joshua stayed buried deep in my ass for a long while, then he began to rub my clit again slowly. And as he said it would, the pain passed. He began to move slowly keeping time with this finger.

“Oh, such a tight ass around my cock.” He strokes then became a bit faster as did his finger on my clit. I heard a moaning sigh come from him. He slowed his strokes then would speed up. Sliding his cock out to just the head in my ass then slowly fill it and do it again, then push deep inside and fuck a little harder. Then slowly pulls his cock out to the head again and slowly push deep then fuck harder until he stopped the slower stokes and just fucked my ass hard. He pulled down on my clit and rubbed faster. The gel on his fingers let it more freely across my still wrapped clit. I felt my pussy getting wet and tighten and he kept rubbing my clit. I was getting close.

“Beg me to let you cum,” Sir Joshua said between pants.

“Please, Sir Joshua, I want to cum.” I said mumbled.


“Please, your cock feels good, please let me cum.”

Again, “No!”

“Please, Sir my pussy aches to cum.” this time is was almost a cry as my body needed to have a release.

He didn’t say a word. He fucked my ass harder and inserted a finger in my pussy as he continued to rub my clit.

“You may cum, slave.”

And right on command I exploded and he continue to finger fuck me inserting more fingers. Stretching my pussy open. I felt myself jerking around his fingers. When my pleasure was satisfied he withdrew his fingers and grabbed my hips and began to fuck my ass very hard and fast.

  “Oh Yes!” he moaned, “your ass feels so good, slave.”

I felt his cock harden and start to jerk as he filled my ass with his cum. He pushed his cock deep in my ass and held it there for a few minutes. Then I felt him slip it slowly out of my ass and rub the opening with his finger.

“I think I am going to like training that ass.” then I heard his retreating steps. My breathing has started to slow when he returned with another bag of water. He inserted the tips inside slowly.

“Nice swollen ass.”

I felt the water begin to fill my ass again and heard it run out again.

When he was finished he lowered my legs and detached the cuffs. He walked to the front of me.

“Raise your head.”

I did as order and he removed my ring gag.

“Suck it.”

I opened my mouth to a semi hard cock. He moved his hips slowly pushing his cock deep in my mouth.  I felt it getting harder and filling my mouth. He grabbed a hold of my hair and fucked my mouth hard. Pushing his cock down my throat. He continued fucking my mouth until I felt that jerk again, then he slide it out and stroked himself till he came on my face.

I was left there with cum running down my face.

He returned a moment later and released my arms from the cuffs. Grabbing my arm he helped me stand slowly up. I felt myself sway a little because the weights swung back and forth.

I felt the clamps being removed from my nipples. Then I felt the device on my tits being released. I gasped as the blood rushed back to my nipples causing the to sting.

He then removed my blindfold and attaches the leash to my collar. I sink to my kneeling position.

“Good, slave.”

He informs me to walk and I follow him to my room.

“You are to take a shower and dress in the silk.” I nod to him.

“You remember how to tie it.”

I nod again, “Yes, Sir.”

“Very good, slave.” he said. “You will dine in your room tonight.”

He releases the leash. I again sink to my kneeling position. “You are learning.” Sir Joshua turns and leaves the room. After he exits I stand and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror at the cum still on my face. I run my finger through it and insert my finger in my mouth tasting Sir Joshua. He tasted very good.

I felt my tender ass and turned to look at it in the mirror. That is when I seen the 5 dark red marks on my ass. I reach back to touch them. That was a mistake. They hurt and were thin straight lines. I had no idea what had caused them but would not want to get another. I allowed my finger to glide over the swollen opening of my ass. I tested to see if my finger would go inside. I felt the squeeze of my ass on my finger, it was tight fit. How had Sir Joshua got that cock of his in the little hole.  I wiggled my finger just a bit and felt myself getting wet. It was just that moment I remembered the cameras. I removed my finger and rushed to the shower.  Oh please don’t let me get in trouble again……


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