Episode #43 – Learning to Please…..

  Sarah, reminded of her position, remained in her kneeling positions. She was a bit shocked by his action as she had never had him deny her anything but his cum or her own orgasm. She started to wonder if she had done something wrong again. She hoped that since she was not still on the horse that her punishment was over, but it appears that it was not. Sarah thought she had pleased them with her apology during her punishment, but it appears that she had more learning to do. Sarah let her head fall forward. Her blindfold locked out the room, it was only sounds but the silence was her demon. It allowed her to think, think about why she was resisting. She knew she wanted this more than anything before. She knew it would be hard to complete give herself. She wanted to do what was right, what she felt was what she wanted, where she wanted to be. There was that part of her that just did not do what her heart was telling her. She had to get out of her head. But maybe she wasn’t trainable, maybe she should stop wasting Master Daniels time. Master Daniel watched the words she thought dance on her face. He knew this was the hard part. He knew she had to make her choice. It was just about the sex and the physical aspects, it was also about the mental part. The submission, the complete giving oof yourself to your Master. Trusting him, knowing that he will free you when you submit. She needed to find her peace with herself and submission. It was a journey not a race and each person got there at a difference pace. She was trainable and he knew should would make an excellent slave once she just let go and stop thinking. Sarah was a natural slave, she just needed training. She needed to understand she was not giving up anything, she was getting her freedom. Her complete submission would free her from the restraints she placed on herself. Master Daniel watched her fight with herself. She needed more time and training. Just what they were about to give her. She needed to understand she wasn’t given up herself, she was being freed to be herself; what she knew she was deep down. Her training would be slower this time, she needed to be taken through this process slower which meant schedules and order. Sarah would need to be told why to help her understand. Some just followed which was great for some, but there was a challenge in her, a spirit that was not to be broken but built. They were going to show her that she was not giving up something but getting being allowed to be herself. Master Daniel and Sir Joshua stood to the side as Sarah’s mind was working. She could not hide any of her thoughts, it was written all over her face. When her mind calmed down they could continue her training. Just because she had doubts now was not a reason to stop unless her decision was to leave. As Sarah continued to question herself seen the look where she was doubting her desire to be here. When she was ready to completely submit she would be free from these doubts. Sir Joshua see her take a deep breathe and hold it before slowly releasing it. With a slight raise of her head she had made her decision. He felt the breathe he didn’t know he was holding release as him and Master Daniel took a step toward her to start more training. Sarah knew she was exactly where she wanted to be. She was a slave and wanted to serve her Master. She just needed to try harder to do what was required of her.She heard the movement and held herself in her ordered position. Sarah felt a finger on her chin lifting it up. Master Daniels said to her in a calm gentle voice, “Slave, when you are ready to submit we will be waiting.” Sarah smiled. Master Daniel released her chin and placed his hand on her shoulder. He ordered her to stand and him and Sir Joshua assisted her as she was still blindfold and her hands still restrained. Sarah stood and was guided across the room. She was not sure what would be required of her this time but she would give 150% of herself. She felt her toes touch a soft fabric. She could tell it was a pillow or cushion from the light and fluffy texture she was told to step up on the cushion as she felt an hand grip her elbow. Her feet sank into the soft cushion. It surrounded her feet, wrapping them in what felt like silk against her skin. Her arm was released and she was ordered to get down on her knees but not kneel. She was told to keep her hands in front of her and not use them. Then she felt the familiar slap against her face with a cock. Sarah opened her mouth to accept what she was being given. She felt the tip of his cock slide over her lip but she was not given more. She heard Master Daniel’s voice. “You are going to learned how to please” he paused, “again.” Sarah nodded her head slight as the head of his cock was just touching her lip. Sarah was not rewarded with a cock sliding deeper but with a slap of it on her face. She opened her mouth more in shock. “Slave, how are you to respond?” She corrected herself by saying “Yes, Master.” “Very good, slave.” Master Daniel said. Sarah was reward for her correct response as he pushed the head of his cock against her mouth. She opened wide and let the head slide into her mouth. Her tongue rolled over the head making it wet. Master Daniel removed himself from her mouth and in a stern voice told her, “You will not just do this automatically,” he touched the tip to her bottom lip, “you will learn how I like it.” Master Daniel explained to her to stop just assume what he wanted. He will want it different ways depending on his mood and that she needed to understand to wait for instruction before doing what she wanted. Sarah knew that last statement was directed at her disobeying. She knew that she needed to correct her past mistake and not make future ones. “Yes, Master.” she whispered as the head of his cock pressed against her lip. “Now, slave,” he started, “you are to do as told.” “Open” he instructed Sarah opened her mouth wider as he slipped the head just in her mouth, resting the tip just beyond her teeth. As much as Master Daniel wanted to force himself in her mouth because she did indeed know what he wanted she needed to understand that just because it achieves an orgasm does not mean that is what he wants or what he wants at that moment. He had lost his restraint in the hall way earlier but would not do that again this time. “Take just the head in your mouth and make it wet,” he knew this is exactly what she just did. He waited to see if should would give that look of “I just did that,” but to his pleasure she did not question him. Even not being able to see her eyes her face did not change expression as she followed his order. She ran her tongue over the head, licking the very tip and running her tongue just under the ridge and back again. She was going to show him how much she wanted to please him, both with pleasure and what she was instructed to do. Master Daniel told her he was going to slowly remove his head and that she was to lick his entire shaft making it nice and wet. She again did as ordered with no hesitation or questioning on her face. He smiled again she was starting to accept things, but the real test would come a week, month or even a year from now. His thoughts stopped thinking about that the minute her tongue glided back up his cock and under the rim. Oh she knew what she was doing he thought to himself. He would just have to control his own desire, which is what caused her training to escalate at a faster pace than it should have. He instructed her to open her mouth and take him only half way and to keep doing that slowly until ordered otherwise. She was to use her tongue to run of the head. Sarah kept reminding herself not to move her hands or move faster making him moan and cum in her mouth as he had several times before. Slow and steady as she ran her tongues and under this head. She knew he was very sensitive under the head on the bottom. Each time her tongue would rub the rough ridges there she could feel him tense and his cock would jerk just a bit. She knew if she continued to do that he would lose control, but that was not her place to make him lose his control. She was to pleasure him and he wanted to teach her exactly what he wanted. She loved the fact that she was actually taking the time to learn exactly what he liked. She wanted to know how he wanted it when he had a long day at work, or was stressed. How would his moods affect his desires? She wasn’t sure but wanted to know. She would keep track of how he liked different things she would keep a journal of his every desire. Maybe that would help her learn. Master Daniels voice brought her back to where she was. He told her to concentrate on what she was doing. Her only thought should be on him and his cock and pleasure. He didn’t sound upset but Sarah didn’t want to keep making mistakes. But she had to make him the priority again. She slowed herself just a bit and concentrated on how he felt, every ripple and vein in his cock. She traced them with her tongue, memorizing them. She made a mental note of every thing that resulted in a moan or tense feeling or jerk of his cock. Master Daniel was controlling himself. It was proving to be more difficult than he thought it would be. She was very versed in this area, but he wanted to prolong as much as possible. He would have her stop in a moment, but he kept saying that and was starting to lose his battle. He abruptly pulled himself from her mouth. His action was translated to Sarah as doing wrong. He cursed to himself and grabbed her chin to lift her head and she started to let it drop again. “Slave, you did nothing wrong.” he said in a strained voice. “You are very good and wanted to prolong your learning.” Sarah didn’t smile but there was a hint of pride there. Master Daniel seen the brief look and was happy to know she did not think that was her fault. When he had her open her mouth again he told her to take as much as she could in her mouth without forcing it. He wanted to feel her mouth caress as much of him as possible without taking him completely. He knew any more than that would cause him to explode in her mouth he wanted to wait but knew that his restraint was breaking and fast. Her tongue moved up and down his shaft, making him wet as he slid freely in and out of her mouth. The look of her blindfolded eyes looking up at him with a look of wanting to please on her face. Her body and head moved back and forth as she took him deeper until he was hitting the back of her throat. The minute his heaed slithered down her throat just a little his resolve was broken. He told her he was going to grab ahold of her head and twist his finger in her hair. Sarah felt the twisting of her hair as his grasp tighten on her. His voice labored with fleeting control told her he was going to fuck her mouth, sliding in her throat, making her gag and choke on him. He was going to be hard and fast and rough. Sarah held her head still as he took possession of her head and used her mouth. His cock plunged deep and slide out, then deep again. She didn’t gag but she had to take a deep breath when his cock slide out. Then his hands tightened even more on the side of her head and he started to ram his hips back and forth. His cock was driving deep in her throat. She felt it sliding down then rapidly moving back out. Sarah heard his moans and felt his cock swell with desire. Yes, he was rougher than he had been before. He was using her mouth, his balls were hard and slapping against her chin. If it was possible his hands wrapped more hair in his fingers. He was panting and moaning as his cock rammed once, twice then fully in her throat as his cock exploded and cum slide down. She had to fight the urge to cough as her throat was coated with his hot sticky cum. He slowly pulled back allowing her to catch her breath. He whispered in a ragged breath, “Milk my cock,” taking a labored breath, “get all my cum.” Sarah greedily slurped up the juice he had offered her.She sucked and licked making sure he was clean and not a drop of cum was left. After a few moments Master Daniel removed his now satisfied soft cock from her mouth, “Good, slave.”


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