Episode # 33 – It’s all about the posture….

Sir Joshua left her kneeing on the cold concrete which did nothing to cool off what that vibrations had starts earlier and the fact that she was still excited that her training was moving along into another phase. She was smiling on the inside and hoped that it did not show outside, she was not sure if it would be right. Of course it was harder to smile with a ball gag in her mouth.

Sir Joshua returned to stand in front of Sarah, he was still nude and with collar on she could not shy away from the limp cock that was in front of her. This was another lesson forcing her to not shy away.

“Daniel will be down shortly,” Sir Joshua informed her as he check the tightness of the gag. He presented her with the suction tubes that she had forgotten to use when she returned home, but she had not had time to use them as she was given and new phase of training and taking to straight to the play room.

Sir Joshua flicked her left nipple making it stand out and he kneaded it between his fingers. He then places the first suction tube on and pulled back the plunger making Sarah arch her back as her nipple was sucked deep inside the tube. It was a mixture of pain and pure pleasure that sent electric waves straight to her already vibrating clit. When he took the other nipple between his fingers and squeezed Sarah moaned and arched her back more. She wanted to feel him continue his sweet torture but he again placed the tube on her right nipple and pulled the plunge back on it. Again Sarah as resisting the urge to rub herself and cum. She knew she had to keep her control because there was one more tube to add and she was dreading it as much as she was waiting for the sensation of her clit being sucked deep inside.

Sir Joshua instructed her to sit on the leather stool and open her legs wide. She stood and walked to the stool and sat down letting her ass just barely sit on the edge and her legs opens wide with her hands behind her on the stool for balance. She was going to need all the balance she could get when that tube had her clit deep inside. Sir Joshua kneels down on one knee and used his fingers to spread her folds and expose her still dark pink clit. “It is coming along nicely,” he said as the tube was attached and he pulled the plunger back.

Sarah gasped loudly as her clit was still sensitive from all the suction and the previous stimulation from the device she was just on. It took all her will power to keep her control. Sarah was taking deep breathes to keep her orgasm at bay as the sensation of her clit and nipples being sucked deep inside the tube made even the tips of her hair sensitive to even the air. Her fingers dug into the soft leather of the stool as she tried to stay as still as possible, not wanting any part of her body to move.

Her concentration was on her control that Sarah never heard the door open to the playroom and her Master enter. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see him standing in front of her. His arms were crossed his chest and he stood there in black silk pants. Her posture collar kept her from bowing her head but remembered her place and sank to her kneeling position. The movement caused the tubes on her nipples to bounce and she softly moans. It wasn’t until she started to kneel that the tube hit the floor and pushed against her clit making her jump, which was even worse. After taking several deep breathes she sank to the proper position and spread her legs wide.

Master twisted the tubes on her nipples causing her to again jump, “Good, slave.” Sarah’s head was held in a long straight position from the collar that she was not allowed much movement.

Sir Joshua returned with the silk ropes in his hand and ordered her to put her arms behind her. He took just a few moments and tied them in a series of knots that started just above the elbow and went all the way down to her wrist.

Master Daniel slipped his pants off his legs and allowed them to pool on the floor. He stepped out of them and stuck his cock toward Sarah’s face. Sir Joshua loosened the gag and let it drop to Sarah’s neck. She knew that she was to keep her mouth open and was rewarded for her unspoken order by having Master Daniels semi-hard cock slide into her mouth.

He was gentle and slow as she wet his cock with her tongue and mouth. His hand holding the base making it hard and he pushed it just a little deeper each time. Sarah felt the slow pushes as they slowly hit the back of her throat and slide down just a bit. She could feel his cock getting harder until it was filling her mouth and stretching her lips open. Master Daniel released his cock and placed his hands on each side of her face. He was still slow with this strokes as he continued his slow steady fucking of her mouth. After a few strokes he would push his cock deep inside and hold it there, Sarah’s mouth was full of cock and the head of his cock was blocking her breathing. When she started clinch, he would slide his cock back slowly allowing her to again breathe. She found herself moaning around this cock and he continued the slow process.

Sarah had her saliva dripping off her chin. Master Daniel slowly increased his strokes. She felt the familiar swelling his cock. Using her body she started to rock back and forth using her mouth to ride his cock. Master Daniel’s cock jerk and he grasped the side of her head tight and began to fuck her mouth hard and fast. His moans were louder as his cock slide in and out of her mouth. In one thrust he pushed his cock deep inside her mouth and released his cum down her throat. Sarah could only swallow as his cock was buried deep in her throat.

After a moment Master Daniel released Sarah’s head and eased his soft cock from her mouth.  He held the tip of his head to her lips, “Suck it all out.” Sarah instantly sucked the head of his cock running her tongue under the edge of the rim feeling the tiny bumps there.

When Master Daniel was complete sucked dry he removed the head of his cock from her lips and slipped his pants back on.  As he walked across the room he instructed her to stand and sit on the Sybian again. Sir Joshua helped her to her feet. It was then that she realize the suction tubes were still attached to her.

Sir Joshua halted her from moving and instructed her to spread her legs. She did as ordered and he slower released her clit. She almost fell from the sheer pleasure of the sensation. Sir Joshua laughed, “Sensitive is it?” Sarah answer in nothing more than a mere whisper, “Yes, Sir.”

Sir Joshua helped her to the Sybian and spread her lips for the little nubs were touching her now very exposed swollen clit.  Then Sir Joshua slide the gag back into place and tightened it.

Sarah seen Master Daniel returning with a device that had a ball like at the end with a handle. She had seen them in her research but had not experienced one but was about to find out why all the girls in the pictures looked in pain.


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