Episode # 13 – My lesson…..

Open Up

I was not sure how long I was attached to the cross, but my mind would not stop replaying this morning. Behind the blindfold there was no escape from the darkness that allowed the images to appear. I kept telling myself that I would do better, I would be a better slave that I must please them. I make a resolve to only do what I am told, to be a better slave to accept what I am. With my final resolve firmly planted the door opens again.

I hear the footsteps and can tell that they are bare feet, but I was not sure who they were. I slowed my breathing that until that moment I did not realize was hard and fast to hear the sounds. Just as my breathing is under control I feel the pull and the twist of the bulbs on my nipples. The bulbs are then released and I let out the held breath I had not allowed to escape.

I feel the pinch of each nipple that causes my body to arch from the sensation. The weight hanging on my clit sways and pulls. Then I feel the fingers that were previously on my nipples rubbing against what I assume is a swollen clit. There was instant pleasure. Then I feel the clamp being pulled outward. The pain is only slight as I feel pressured around it.  Something is getting tighter around my clit. I feel the clamp release but feel more pressure. It is rubbed again and the pleasure returns.

I hear the retreating foot step but the door does not open again. I know they are still in the room. It is sort of scary to know that I am attached to a cross and cannot tell who is in the room touching my body, but I try to not thinking about that and allow the sensation to flow through me. To have trust that the person in the room is either my Master to Sir Joshua.

I hear the footstep come back toward me with the sound of a chain. I feel fingers on my left wrist then feel them on the right. Then I feel the pressure of something against the opening of my pussy.  They slowly pull on the restraints on my wrist and enter me in one quick motion feeling me completely. They withdraw then slam back into me. Again slowing pulling out and ramming the very hard cock deep inside.  This is torture, my swollen clit is forced upward with each stroke cause me a mixture of pain and pleasure. After what seemed like forever the strokes began to quicken. Their cock was ramming in me hard and I began to feel myself getting close. I knew I have to stop myself. I thought of anything that would make me forget the sensation of that hard cock sliding in and out of me. But each time I would think of something the cock would fill me again and bring me back to the pleasure. A moan escapes from me and I feel a total withdraw from me. I hear him sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his cock then releases himself on my stomach. There is silence for a while then retreating footsteps. I hear the water running and then the sound of the shower. It stops after a few minutes, then I hear the water in the sink. The sloshing sound can only mean one thing, I am about to be cleaned again. I feel the water and cloth on my stomach and after all the cum is wiped away I feel the tube being inserted in my pussy. I hear the sound of it being inflated then feel the water that fills me but not in the pleasurable way the cock had just minutes before. The air is released and I hear the water hit the floor and feel it splash on my feet and legs.

I feel the fingers on my wrist again but this time it is to release them. The ankles are next and then I feel fingers touch my face as the blindfold is lifted from my face. In front of my stand my Master. He does not look happy with me either.

He attaches the leash to my collar and I fall to the floor on my knees ready to crawl.

“Good, slave,” he said, “You are learning.”

He walks me over to a table, “Stand slave,” then removed the leash.

“You will bend over the table.” he said, “and spread you legs.”

I nod and do as I am told. There are hooks on each side of the table. Master attaches rough leather cuffs to each wrist. Then the hooks is attached to the loop on each cuff.

Master runs his fingers along the middle of my back and down my ass. When he arrives at my ass he rubs it around before inserting a finger deep inside, cause me to whimper in pain. He slides his finger out and plunges it back in deep then withdraws it again and plunges it into my pussy. He withdraws again and moves his hand down my leg where I feel the same rough leather attach to one ankle then the other.

My clit still had this pressure around it. I was not sure if it was from the clamp being there before or not. It was a strange feeling, but it didn’t hurt. I don’t see Master walk away but I hear him. Then I hear the footsteps closer again.

“Slave,” he said in a very stern voice, “You have angered Joshua.” I could feel myself lower my head in shame.

“And as such,” he continues, “you have angered me.” Then I hear the sound the moment before I feel the slap of a paddle across my bare ass. The pain is instant and lingering.

“You have lied,” he said, “and that is not acceptable.” Then the paddle hits me again.

“You cannot have trust,” and the paddle swings down even hard this time, “unless you tell the truth.” The next hit is hard that I not only hear the scream behind the rings gag, but even feel it.

He rubs the side of my ass that he has just hit and the pain is more intense. I feel him shift.

“You cannot lie,” then the paddle hits the other ass check, “because it could hurt someone.” and again the paddle comes down hard.

“You are to be honest,” and again the paddle comes down, “for your safety and ours,” And the paddle comes down extremely hard and another scream escapes me. Again Master rubs that cheek of my ass and I feel the shift. I am expecting him to again paddle the other side, but he grabs me around the waist and rams his very hard cock deep in me. Not slow insert and withdraw this time it is hard and fast. I feel his cock swell more and I know he is about to cum, but again I do not deserve his cum in my body, he withdraws and cums on my stinging ass. When he is finished he unhooks my legs then my wrist, leaving the cuffs on. He grabs my hair and pulls me up and back against him. Reaching around to the front of my collar he attaches the leash. Then turns me around, “Sit on the table,” he said. I climb on the table. “Now lay back and spread your legs.” I do as I am told.  My legs fall open and I feel his fingers on my clit. There is a pulling them the blood rushes back.

“Stand,” Master orders.

“Walk,” which give me the order to walk and not crawl.

He walks to a mirror and stands me in front of it. He steps behind me allowing the leash to hang on my should and drape down my back.

“Look at your clit,” I didn’t have to pull it back it was there, sticking out, swollen and red. He reached his hand around and rubbed the protruding nub cause me to moan with pleasure.

“If you are good,” he said in my ear, “You might get to cum later this week.”

You could only see the smile in my eyes as the ring gag was still in place.

Master orders me to walk with him up the stairs and takes me to my room.

“You are to shower,” he said at the bedroom door, “and dress.”

He removed the leash and opens the door.

“Turn around,” I turn my back toward him and he removes the gag.

“You have 30 minutes to be down for dinner.” And with that he turns and leaves. I walk into the room to find a very large scarf in dark blue and very sheer. There is a note attached to the scarf.

Joshua will be in to help with this in 15 minutes, you should be out of the shower and ready for him. Don’t be late as the more you disobey the stronger the punishment.

Your Master

I hurry to the shower, washing my hair and taking great care not to linger on the swollen clit. I am out of the shower and dried off wearing the robe with the front open and kneeling on the floor in front of the scarf when Joshua enters the room.

He still looked angry with me. I dropped my eyes, I knew that I should not look him in his, but I needed to see if the anger was still there.

“Stand,” he said and the door closed. There was a sharpness in his voice. I stood, very straight and very still. Joshua walks behind me. I keep my head bowed very low in my shame. He drapes the silk over my left shoulder with a long length in the front and the back. He walks in front of me and cross the front just between my breast but under my right breast. He then crosses the fabric on my right side with the back length and wraps them around my waist several times before wrapping one length in front to hang down and cover my swollen clit and wrapped with other around to do the same in the back to hang down and cover very little of my ass.

I stayed very still as he went to the dresser and took a small jar from the top. He returned to me and opened the jar. The smell of jasmine filled the air. He walked behind me and I felt the cool lotion being applied to my very sore ass. Just the light touch of his fingers sent pain all through my body.

“Just remember this,” he said in what I could only describe as a very controlled angry voice, “the next time you want to lie.” And with that said he returned the jar to the dresser. He came back to stand in front of me. “Hold your hands out.” I do as I am told still not looking him in the eyes, not that I would even if I could. Joshua removes the cuffs and rubs my red wrist with his fingers. “Next time it will be much worse.” and then he moved to take the cuffs off my ankles. “Next time the cuffs will be much more harsh,” then he stands, “and the punishment will last longer.”

“Follow,” just the one clipped word and he turns his back to me and starts for the door.
“Yes, Sir” I say in a low voice. It slows him, but he does not stop.

I follow Joshua down to the dinning table. I keep my head bowed and as Joshua takes a seat I see that the cushions are still in place for me. I walk to them and kneel. Spreading my legs extra far apart and the silk covers my clit but the slightest bit of air causes it to rub again my swollen clit.

Dinner is served and for the most part I am ignored, except for the casual toying of my nipples by the Master. More of an automatic response rather than actual attention. When dinner is complete before the Master takes his leave he instructs me. “You will eat and retire to your room.” then he gets to the door way. “Remember how that is tied.” he said back to me, “You will be wearing it this week to dinner.” And with that he leaves.

Joshua is sill seated in the dinning room.

“Rise slave,” he said, the anger still in his voice, “take your seat and have your dinner.”

I was glad that he would be staying with me during my meal. Maybe this would give me a chance to apologize again. But once the plate was put in front of me he rose from his seat and left.

I sat alone and in shame while I pushed the food around my plate I had not appetite and just wanted to retreat to my room and end the day.

I rise and leave the room and slowly climb the steps to my room and open the door, hoping that once it was shut I could put this whole day behind me. Again there was a note on the bed waiting for me.

You will be required later tonight. Please sleep so you are not overly tired later. We have much training still to do.

Your Master

I felt my excitement rise. I was not a lost cause and I would be continuing my training. I take the scarf from my body and place it back on the hanger. I crawl into bed careful to turn on my side and not my back. Sitting in that chair was just about my undoing. The pain was still so raw.  And soon I feel myself drifting off. But it only seemed like a matter of minutes I was being shook to wake. Master was standing over my bed, I could see his cock was hard. He forces me on my back and I whimper just a bit at the pain. He climbs on the bed and straddles me, With his knees just under my shoulders.

“Raise your hands above your head, slave.”

I do as commanded. And he grabs the scarf that was tied to my body just earlier and wraps it around my wrist and pulls them through and around one of the post on the bed. I cannot move as he thrust his hard cock toward my face. I open my mouth and he inserts it deep and holds it there. I try to pull back but my head is against the pillow not allowing me to move. I can’t take in any air, then he withdraw and I take a ragged deep breath just before he inserts it again, but this time not as far. He slides his cock in and out of my mouth moving in a steady rhythm. I run my tongue across the head as it enters my mouth. I start to feel his pace quicken. He grabs the headboard and fucks my mouth hard and fast. I feel his cock getting harder just before he removes it and cums on my chest.  He release my wrist.

“Take a shower.” I climb off the bed and do as I am told.

When I return he is still in my room. Sitting on the edge of the bed. It startled me as I expected him to be gone.  He motions for me to sit in the chair that is now in front of him.  I take my seat.

“The training in how to please,” he said the moment I sat down, “is the hardest lesson.”

“You have to know what we like and when we like it.” he continued.

“I have True which is a beautiful woman,” he then stand and walks to the back of the chair, “she is very formal and graceful. It comes from well breeding.”

He reaches down and rubs both my nipples. “You however,” he said pulling slightly before releasing and returning to be in front of me, “are different and will be trained accordingly.”

He takes he hand an pushes one of my knees. “You will be the same slave outside of these doors,” then pushes the other knee out, “but will act like a slave slut behind these doors.”

I was confused and my face reflected that. Master laughed, “I will explain.”

“Such as now,” he said sliding his hand up my leg, “you should have one leg over the arm of the chair totally exposing that swollen clit to me.” he said and I followed the order. “You should want me to see it and want me to touch it.”

“Unlike outside, you are the slave to my whim, to do with as I please, and only have my pleasure in mind.” then his fingers reached the swollen gland that he began to rub between his fingers. “In this room you want to please me also, but you want to attach me to you at the same time.”

He gave me examples. Such as when he entered the room if I was on the bed to straddle the post, or if I was lying in bed to spread my legs open far to expose myself even as far as to pull my lips open with my fingers but being careful not to touch myself. Wearing anything in the room that will accent my body but show it off.  He would leave the rest for me to figure out. The difference was that outside the doors I was only allowed to do what he ordered, but in the room I could try to attract his attention. It was still fuzzy about what was required. But the feeling of his fingers rubbing my nub was causing me to only half listen to what I was told. The sensation had me moaning and on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped.

“This the is the only room that you can beg me for your release.” he said pulling my hand to stand me up in front of him.

“And if I think you deserve it, I will let you.” and with that he leaned me across the bed and entered me from behind. He rhythm was slow and steady and his hands rubbed my still reddened ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and slide his finger along the opening. Teasing it and rubbing it before inserting just the tip of his finger. Small little circles, then he would withdraw. Then insert just a bit more, then circles and withdraw. Each time my ass took his finger deeper and deeper until he just began sliding it in and out with the same slow strokes his cock was making in my pussy. Deep and slow, deep and slower. I felt my pussy being to tighten, I began to roll my hips with his strokes. He increased the speed and I felt myself climbing. I begged, “Master, may I cum.” he continue to increase the speed but did not answer. Again I asked, “Master, may I cum.” and again no answer.  He withdrew his finger from my ass, using the other hand to push my back down on he bed and plunged deep in me and came and immediately withdrew his cock. I was denied again.

“You didn’t expect me to let you cum just because I asked.” he laughed out loud. “Now take a shower and back to bed.”

I slowly bend back up and turn just in time to see him walk out of the room.

I take my shower and return to bed, I fall into a deep sleep and moan loudly when the alarm goes off for me to get up.



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