Episode #8 – The Training Continues….

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I heard the door opening which woke me from my nap. My back was arched and my nipples were still hard and pointed upward. Daniel walked into the room leaving the door open, Joshua followed him into the room.  They both walked over to the within reach of me.

“I just love these long nipples,” Daniel said pull on one then the other, “they will make such great play toys.”

Joshua had walked to a cabinet on the wall and opened it. I could not see what was inside but heard the sound of metal like a chain. I could see Joshua moving toward me from the corner of my eye. He came to stand in front of me but in my position I could not really see what was in his hand. I could hear it and tell that it was shiny, but could not make out what it was.

I felt him pull on my nipples then felt a clamp being attached to one nipple then another. My nipples were being squeeze in these clamps, then I felt the weight of the chain pulling my nipples.

“These will be nice by morning. ” Joshua said walking back to the cabinet.

I heard a voice in the hall and recognized it to be True’s voice.  I was here on this pile of silken cushions with my wrist chained to my ankles and my nipples clamped, would she find this sexy?

“Master, your box you requested.” that was the first time I had her True call him Master.  I angled my head just the right way and I could see her standing there in only a silk scarf that seemed to be tied just at her waist. It was wrapped over her shoulder but left her breast totally exposed as well as her clit.

Daniel pulled on the chain of the nipple clamps demanding my full attention.

My wrist and ankles were released from the chains and I was again leashed. The chain hanging between the clamps was pulling at my nipples and I began to crawl on all fours again. My nipples were stretched down and throbbing from the pressure of the clamps. I could see that the tips of them were swelling up and beginning to get darker. The chain swayed back and forth with each crawl I took.

We entered the same room in the basement but this time there was a horse looking device set up not far from the table.

“Stand slave.” Daniel said in a commanding voice. “Yes, Master.” I replied as I stood.

“Place your hands behind your back.” Daniel ordered. I did as ordered. Joshua attached a small chain between my wrist which forced them to stay behind me.

Joshua leaned up behind me and said into my ear, “Straddle the horse.” I placed one leg over the horse and sat with my chastity device pushing up against my clit. I moved a bit to make it more comfortable. I heard something being attached to the chain between my wrist then my arms were pulled upward. Joshua detached one of the clamps and instructed me to lay on the bar of the horse. The pain with the blood rushing back to the tip of my nipple caused me to moan. The bar was not very wide but enough to push my breast apart. When I was down he attached the clamp back to my nipple which again caused me to let out a little moan. “Sensitive are they?” Daniel said from across the room. “Yes, Master.”

“Hold your head up,” Joshua said then placed my hair in a hair tie. He reached over and grabbed a open ring gag. I had seen them before in movies that I had seen when doing research after True told me Daniel was her Master. The gag was placed on my face and buckled. It was very tight and did not allow me to close my mouth at all. It looked more pleasant on the movie than it felt in my mouth.

“You may put your head down,” Joshua told me.

He walked over to where True and Daniel were. She was ordered on the table in a doggy position. I was getting all wet as I looked at her fully nude body being positioned on the table. I could see Joshua walk away and grab a beautiful glass plug from the cabinet. It looked more like something that you would have on a shelf in the living room rather than in the basement play room.  I seen a syringe being loaded with lube so I knew where that was going. It looked huge. I didn’t think anyone would have been able to take that in their ass.

Joshua walked to the table and inserted the syringe into True’s ass and injected the contents. He used his finger to smear it around the outside of her ass and applied some to the glass plug. Then slowly inserted it into her ass. She moved only once as the widest part was pushed threw the rim.

Daniel then ordered her to turn over and lay on her back with her legs in the stir-ups. Daniel then placed clamps on the lips of her clit and ordered her to stay.

Daniel walked over to where I was watching the show before. “Did you enjoy that slave?” he asked making sure the gag was tight enough. I could only nod my head.

He walked to behind my sight and I felt his finger slip into the hole in the chastity belt at my ass. “Nice and swollen from my cock.” then he applied pressure and let his finger slip inside my ass. I cried out at the pain from my ass as his finger was inserted deep inside. He began to wiggle it around then fuck my ass with his finger.  Just before the pain started to become pleasure he withdrew it and stuck it in the hole in the gag. “Like it clean.” I did as instructed.

He began to open his robe and I could see that he was semi hard from all the play so far.

“You are going to be trained how to please me.”

I again nodded in answer.

“Lick the head of my cock.” Daniel said.

I licked the head of his cock. I could see True watching from out of the corner of my eye.

“Ummmmm, good slave.” Daniel said, “Now suck it.”

The hole in the gag was just large enough to allow his cock to slide right inside. He held the sides of my head and began to fuck my mouth. Slow and easy with only half of his cock entering my mouth. His cock began to get harder and so did his stokes as he increased the speed and was fucking my mouth hard and fast. He would force it deep every so often down my throat. He continued until I felt it start to jerk and he pulled it out of my mouth and shot it all over my face.

“Lick my cock clean.”

I again did as ordered.

Daniel released the other chain from my wrist, but they were still bound together and ordered me to kneel before him.

He removed the gag from my mouth.

“Now make it hard again, slave.”

I took his cock into my mouth using my body for slide it in and out. I sucked his cock hard, licking the head around the edge before letting the head slip between my lips and deep into my mouth. I continued to do this until it started to get harder. When it was hard enough I rocked my body back and forth taking his cock deep into my mouth. He again held the sides of my head and thrust his hips forward and fucked my mouth again hard. He was fully hard and pulled his cock from my mouth.

Joshua  was behind me holding onto the  chain between my wrist and turning me so I could watch. Daniel walked to True and positioned himself between her legs and put that hard cock into her pussy and began to fuck her hard with long strokes.

“When you are good,” Joshua said and he pinched my throbbing nipples, “you will get to cum like True on your master’s cock.”

I nodded my answer not being able to take my eyes from the picture of True being fucked hard. It was making me wet. She started to cum and arched her back and Daniel pulled his cock from her pussy not letting her cum on him.

“The Master is always in control.” Joshua said. “He will allow or deny you.”

He climbed onto the table and stokes his cock with lube then placed it between True’s round breast and began to fuck her tits. I could almost feel myself dripping wet.

Daniel continued to fuck her tits until just before he came. Ordered her to finish him with her hand. She stroked his cock with long slow stroke then increasing in speed. He shot his cum all over her chest and face.

He climbed off the table and walked over to get his robe. True climbed off the table and followed behind him. As she passed I could see the end of the plug in her ass and the clothes pins hanging from her clit, I almost came right then.



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